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References collection

This is one of the most important fundamentals of the background screening process. The benchmark assignment gives small businesses a good idea of who they think, since past performance often dictates future expectations. Red flags include a reference that the candidate asks you not to contact. Obviously, there are regulations on what can and can not be disclosed, but job performance is a priority in all areas of activity.


While background checking and verification reduces your risk, when considering your recruitment strategy, you also need to consider the needs of your candidate. From the first time they see your job description to them coming on-board as an employee.

Typically, the employer will ask you to list one reference for each previous place of employment, and they will contact those references. The company may also ask for other personal or professional references in addition to employment references.

Many job-seekers don’t put a lot of thought into whom they will use as references when potential employers request them. The focus is often on resumes and cover letters, researching the companies, and preparing for interviews, so the candidate’s reference choice is often neglected.