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Employment screening

When you bring a new employee into your business to fill a key role, you’re vulnerable to risk. Your business is exposed, as are your stakeholders, investors, clients, current employees and suppliers. To operate successfully, you need to minimise that risk. All of our screening services are performed in accordance with tried and tested processes, and everything we do is subject to numerous quality controls. That means that every piece of information we provide is completely accurate, allowing you to make smart recruitment decisions with confidence.

We undertake a full verification of facts in these areas, combined with extensive cross referencing, analysis and recommendations to provide you with a complete picture of the individual candidate’s background.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report that includes a detailed executive summary, drawing together the key findings of our research and analysis. Key findings are presented in an easily digestible and actionable format at the front of the report.

The key benefits of the system include a centralised repository, a comprehensive audit trail and the availability of an interim report at any stage of the process, enabling clients to efficiently monitor and manage the process at the touch of a button. We will provide the clients with full training on our system during implementation and on an ongoing basis as required.

The executive summary will highlight any areas of potential concern, raise any notable points for consideration, identify possible areas for additional enquiries and provide you with suggestions on how best to proceed.